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Broken Glass Doors – Will Home Insurance Cover the Cost?
July 31, 2023

Broken Glass Doors – Will Home Insurance Cover the Cost?

A broken door exposes your home to many risks. All it takes is a sharp hit to the glass for it to come falling to the ground. If you have a large entry door, repairs to it can be expensive. It becomes necessary to make repairs as soon as possible. Your home insurance may help. This only applies in some cases, though. Should you file a claim?

When Will Home Insurance Cover a Broken Door?key in a lock, house keychain
Most types of broken doors have no home insurance coverage. This depends on what causes the break. For example, if the door warps or otherwise suffers damage from moisture, this may lack coverage. This generally falls under routine maintenance and upkeep. If the door’s glass cracks due to extreme temperatures, coverage depends on the condition of the door prior to the incident. If someone tries to break into the home, your home insurance may offer coverage for this, too, however.

Ask these questions to know if you can file a claim:

  • Was the incident accidental in nature
  • Was the damage due to poor maintenance and upkeep
  • Was there no way to prevent the damage?

If you are unsure if you have coverage, call your home insurance agent. He or she needs to see the damage. Sometimes, the agent needs to view it in person. Or, they might ask for pictures. If your glass door breaks, be sure to take photos and call your agent before you clean up the mess (though you should make sure the area is safe). The agent can then make a decision rather quickly.

Should You File a Claim?
Before you file a home insurance claim for a broken glass door, ask some questions. 

Specifically, you need to know what the deductible on your policy is. This is the cost you pay before the insurer covers the rest. If you need to replace a large glass door, it may cost $2,000 or more. If the glass just needs replacement, the cost may be under $500. If your deductible is $500, you may not receive anything from your insurer if the cost to make the repair is less.

Your home insurance agent is sure to offer some guidance to you. Ask questions about the claim process. Be sure you know what your options are for repairs. And, be sure to act quickly. You do not want a damaged door impacting the security of your home.


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