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Tips for Preventing RV Fires
December 15, 2023

Tips for Preventing RV Fires

Fire is always a danger, whether in your permanent home or on the go in your RV. In fact, fire is one of the leading causes for total loss claims on RV insurance policies. We’ve gathered the following RV fire safety tips to help you and your family enjoy vacationing free of worry.

  • Propane: Many RV appliances run on propane. However, if a propane tank leaks, the resulting gas cloud can catch on fire if exposed to any source of ignition. When using propane, keep a window or roof vent open so vapors can dissipate. In addition, turn off all propane appliances before pulling into a gas station.rv parked next to water
  • Kitchen: Cooking fires are always a hazard, especially on a hot stovetop. But given the cramped nature of small RV kitchens, the risk may be increased. Avoid cooking while driving to prevent splashing hot oil around. If a grease fire ignites, do not douse it with water; instead, smother it with a pot lid and turn off the heat. Be sure to keep combustibles like towels and napkins away from heat sources. Refrigerators can also catch fire if not properly maintained. Prevent this by regularly removing the access panel and brushing away the dirt and debris that builds up over time.
  • Electrical: Just like at home, take precaution to avoid overloading electrical outlets. Turn off circuit breakers before hooking up to or disconnecting from power pedestals. Use surge protectors for extra protection. Generators should go through routine maintenance checks and batteries should be ventilated to prevent overheating.
  • Campfire: Toasting marshmallows around a campfire is a favorite pastime for many families. When camping in your RV, be sure to build your fire at least 15 feet away from the vehicle to prevent flying sparks from hitting it. Campfires should always be supervised, along with nearby children and pets. Keep a bucket of water and a shovel handy so you can douse or smother the fire when necessary. Do not leave the site until the embers have been fully extinguished.

All the caution in the world can’t always prevent an accident from occurring. RV insurance helps protect you and your family while out on a camping or cross-country adventure.

Stay safe during your travels. Call Bruni Insurance Agency, LLC at one of our locations for more information on RV insurance.

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