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Keeping Yourself and Your Vehicle Safe in Hailstorms
March 30, 2021

Keeping Yourself and Your Vehicle Safe in Hailstorms

Keeping Yourself and Your Vehicle Safe in Hailstorms

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Hail is a very dangerous weather event, and it can strike anywhere, in any thunderstorm system. It’s also something that is very hard to predict, and many meteorologists can’t accurately say how severe hail is likely to be until it actually happens. That leaves a lot to be desired for anyone who is afraid of getting caught in a hailstorm (as we all should be), and can cause particular concerns to drivers who might be on the road at the time. 

On one hand, auto insurance can provide benefits (comprehensive coverage) to protect vehicles damaged by hails. However, drivers still have to take care of themselves and their cars if they get caught driving in hail. You can’t expose yourself to danger, but you can make sure you can repair your car in case the worst does happen. 

Did You Know? 

Hail can strike geographically anywhere and cause major damage to vehicles. Take the following precautions to keep yourself and your vehicle safe if a hailstorm strikes: 

  • If you are driving during a hailstorm, do not get out of your vehicle. 

  • If you can, pull over safely to the side of the road. 

  • Park your car on an angle so that the hail hits the front of your car, since windshields are made of reinforced glass, whereas side and rear windows are not. 

  • Position your back to the windows inside your vehicle and lie down in a severe storm. Cover yourself with a blanket. This will protect you if hail breaks any of your car windows. 

  • If your car has damage to any of its windows, remove the broken glass immediately to avoid injuries. 

  • Comprehensive auto policies generally will pay for damages caused by severe weather and natural disasters. 

  • Find a body shop that you trust to make any necessary repairs. 

  • Discuss the extent of the damage with the body shop and your insurance broker.  

  • Make sure you are fully satisfied with the repairs made to your vehicle before leaving the shop. Look for any remaining dents and obtain a written guarantee of their services. 

Safety First 

If there is a major hailstorm in your area, do not leave your home or work to cover your car with blankets or move it to a covered location. You may suffer injuries while trying to protect your vehicle. Your safety is priceless; your vehicle’s safety is not.

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