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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?
March 1, 2022

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Pets are more than just animals in your home—they are members of the family. Unforeseen illnesses such as cancer and or injuries like a torn ACL are some instances that can be detrimental to your pet—and the cost of treatment can be high. A pet insurance policy can assist you financially in these scenarios so you don’t have to stress over the burden of covering hefty expenses related to procedures or medicine. If you have a pet, looking into pet insurance policies might be something to consider.

Bruni Insurance Agency is here to help out the pet owners of Morgan City and Patterson, Louisiana. Our agents can assist you in learning more about pet insurance coverage so you can make the best decision for you and your pet. Learn more about policy options on our website today.

What Is dog looking at cameraPet Insurance?
Pet insurance is a voluntary type of coverage. While it covers most pet conditions, it’s essential to note that it primarily focuses on unforeseen illnesses or accidents rather than routine visits to the vet. The more you pay for your pet insurance premium, the more financial assistance you will be given.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?
While policies can vary from owner to owner, a typical pet insurance policy might consist of the following:

Lab work
Accidents, injuries and illnesses
Surgeries, including spay/neuter
Dental work

To learn more about potential benefits included in a pet insurance policy, be sure to reach out to one of our agents today.

Learn More
If you’re interested in a pet insurance policy, contact one of our Bruni agents today at 985-329-2272 to learn more about potential coverage options. We look forward to your call.

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