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Can Business Insurance Help You Attract Employees?
October 1, 2022

Can Business Insurance Help You Attract Employees?

Imagine hearing about a company’s mistakes. Would you work with a company like this? Or, would you be more attracted to a business who takes care of its employees? Proper business insurance can help. It is sometimes not a direct benefit to employers. However, it shows how the company runs well and is dedicated to creating a good product in a safe manner. This matters to potential new employees. What can your business do to create better security?

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Consider A Worker’s Injury
Imagine if a worker suffers an injury. He or she falls, breaks a bone, and is unable to work for six weeks. 
If the company lacks workers compensation coverage, this impacts the individual’s ability to get compensation for the losses. This person suffered the injury on the job. The injury could be the result of poor training or an unsafe work environment. In this situation, it is very clear the employer did not create a safe environment. It is also clear the employer did not have proper coverage to protect the employees.
With workers compensation insurance, employees benefit as much as the company does. Workers compensation coverage is a very streamlined method of paying for bills and lost time at work. Without this coverage, the employee may face a legal case against the employer to recoup their losses. Again, these losses are likely the responsibility of the company to pay. And, in a court case, the employer is likely to still have to pay for these costs. In the meantime, the employee has to worry and risk it.

Creating An Employee-Friendly Business Is Essential
With very low unemployment in the United States, it is sometimes difficult for companies to hire well-trained people for positions. You may need to increase wages to attract them or provide a solid benefits package. Yet, simple steps, such as having proper business insurance in place, matter as well. Employees want to know the company cares.
A business with many violations for unsafe work conditions is not a desirable place to work. If the company is facing numerous claims from customers, this too can be a signal of stress. Failed equipment makes the job harder for the employee as well. A proper business insurance package may help minimize some of these losses. Be sure your business insurance represents your company. It should also give your employees some peace of mind. They care that you have proper coverage.


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